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Support The Businesses That Support Our City

Our City could not function without then vast tax revenue provided by our local businesses.  The reason we only pay 0.9 mils is because of the business and occupational taxes they pay.  All of us also enjoy convenient access to shopping, restaurants, movies, doctors and so many other providers of goods and services that call our city home.  Moreover, our businesses also provide needed jobs to many in Tucker.  They truly make Tucker a great place to live, work and play.

Unfortunately, the pandemic as hit many of us and many of our businesses hard.  As of May 2021, some 300 businesses were delinquent on paying their business and occupational tax.  Some of these businesses likely have shuttered their doors for good.  Others may want to pay but have hit hard times and have to decided between payroll, rent or their city taxes.  

As our economy recovers as we exit the pandemic, it is important that we support our businesses.  We cannot create new burdens for them and we must give struggling business some consideration.  Finally, we should take steps that encourage new businesses to start in Tucker.  Supporting our businesses is simply a wise investment in our future.

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