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Hold DeKalb County Government Accountable For The Services We Purchase From Them

Although we want to have a good working relationship with DeKalb County, we cannot be afraid to hold them accountable under our IGAs.  While driving southbound on Northlake Parkway approaching the Racetrac station on Lawrenceville Highway, I had forgotten that DeKalb Watershed Management had torn up the road and left it in disrepair.  The County has not placed warning signs to alert drivers to a horrible bump in the left lane caused by leaving a 9 inch drop from the metal plate to the road surface.  After slamming on my brakes to quickly reduce my car's speed (because no one was behind me) and then crawling over the metal plate, the undercarriage of my car still bottomed out, hit the metal plate and scraped it!  I posted a warning about this dangerous road condition on and was astounded by the number of people who shared my experience.  The road has been in a poor state for over a month and has been getting worse daily.

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Northlake Parkway

Sadly, this is not the only area in Tucker neglected by DeKalb County.  Henderson Road has had a metal plate on it instead of a proper repair for well over a year.  The issue has been so bothersome to our neighbors in District 3, one of the local channels news teams ran a story on it.  Still, DeKalb County has done nothing to remedy the problem and finish the repair.

Henderson Roard

And, in my neighborhood, we have dealt with storm water drains left in a dangerous conditions for years.

Sadly, these are not the only issues around town.  There are many other roads that are in unsatisfactory condition.  Worse yet, there are problems concerning erosion in John's Homestead that need to be addressed by DeKalb Watershed Management.

The problems are not confined to Roads and Watershed Management.  We have an issue with DeKalb County Sanitation's bulk item pickup.  In 2020, there was a three month period where used sofas, chairs, entertainment centers and other bulky items were littering my neighborhood because DeKalb Sanitation was not picking them up.  I have been seeing bulk items accumulate again this summer around town.

We pay the county for services and have a right to expect them to provide us the services.  We also have the right to expect that the money we pay them is spent only on services provided in Tucker. We need to hold DeKalb County accountable.

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