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Increase and Preserve Our Greenspace

The Atlanta metro area has been called the City in the Forest.  Indeed, I had friends who told me they wondered where the City of Atlanta was when they flew into Hartsfield for the very first time.  Atlanta was and still is markedly different from other urban areas.

However, according to Trees Atlanta, Georgia leads the way in urban tree loss.  The U.S. Forest Services states that Georgia loses 18,000 acres of trees a year.  And, Atlanta has the fifth fastest rate of tree loss in the country.

When I drive around Tucker, I still see many wooded areas.  In fact, the woods behind the Sears Property on Hugh Howell and Mountain Industrial is old growth forest and home to many animals.  I enjoy having the woods behind my home.  When I step into my backyard, I feel like I have stepped into an urban oasis.  

City of Tucker should take steps to increase our greenspace and protect our current greenspace to preserve out city's character.

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