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Creating A Comprehensive Plan For Sidewalks

Many may have noticed the extensive work to lay down sidewalks along both sides of Henderson Road.  This is an exciting project because residents living along Henderson Road will be able  to walk to Henderson park instead of hoping into their car and driving.  Without sidewalks, there simply is no safe way to walk to Henderson Park.  

However, how much better would it be to have sidewalks along all or most all our streets?  Sidewalks make it so much safer to walk your dogs or take walks with your family.  Sidewalks make it safer for kids to walk to their friend's homes.  Brockett Meadows, my subdivision, is rare in that it was built in the 1960s with sidewalks.  Sidewalks were a selling point when I moved to this home.

Much has been done to create pathways in downtown Tucker.  How much more could be done if Tucker embarks upon a campaign to line all roads and streets with sidewalks?  Starting this now would create a legacy for future generations.

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