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These are a few of the important issues our City faces and my positions on them.  Please check back as I add more.  Finally, if there are issues I have not addressed, please tell me.  This election is about you!

Committed to Keeping Our City Property Taxes Low

I am committed to keeping our property taxes as low as possible so Tucker residents can keep more of their hard earned money.  Given the increased costs for food, utilities, gasoline, and housing,  we need fiscally responsible government that looks out for us.

(Read More)

Support The Businesses That Support Our City

We need to support our Tucker businesses that support our City through their business and occupational taxes and provide us with convenient access to the goods and services we want. (Read More)

Continue to Move Forward With The Tucker Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan

On April 23, 2018, the City of Tucker approved the Tucker Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan.  I am committed to continuing this plan and moving forward with the ideas contained within it.  If you are unfamiliar with the Comprehensive Plan, here is a link to it in its entirety.

Hold DeKalb County Government Accountable For The Services We Purchase From Them

Because the Tucker City Charter only allows Tucker to provide for code enforcement, zoning, parks and recreation and tourism, we must enter into Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs) with DeKalb County for all other services such as police, fire protection, roads, sanitation, and watershed management, we need to hold DeKalb County accountable to ensure they are providing us with the services we have purchased from them and confirm DeKalb County is spending Tucker taxpayers' money only in Tucker. (Read More)

Creating A Comprehensive Plan For Sidewalks

Tucker needs a comprehensive plan to lay down sidewalks along our major roads and sidestreets to make it a truly walkable city. (Read More)

Create A Comprehensive Plan To Renovate the Tucker Rec Center

The Tucker Recreation Center is wonderfully located in the center of the city.  Unfortunately, it is a repurposed elementary school.  Tucker should commit to renovating the Tucker Recreation Center into a modern facility for decades to come. (Read More)

Building A Strong Relationship With the DeKalb County Delegation

We must have a strong relationship with the DeKalb County Delegation to the General Assembly if we want to keep moving forward.  We cannot get anything done with the State without support from the DeKalb County delegation.  (Read More)

Increase and Preserve Our Greenspace

Tucker is blessed with a lot of greenspace.  We should commit to increase our greenspace and preserving existing greenspace. (Read More)

Tucker Needs to Decide The Future of the Buildings on John's Homestead

Anyone who travels on Lawrenceville Highway near John's Homestead is familiar with the dilapidated house and out building surrounded by a cyclone fence.  This property falls into further disrepair as the City has done nothing with it since taking over parks from DeKalb County.  If this property is of historical significance, Tucker needs repair, renovate and properly maintain it and find a purpose for it.  It makes no sense to leave it as is to rot away.

Reportedly, DeKalb County has given $93,000 in seed money for the buildings at John's Homestead.  This is a welcome development.  But it is not enough to save, restore, or maintain these buildings.   The need to decide the future of these buildings continues.

Make Livestreaming City Council Meetings Permanent

To give the public access to meetings and to make government transparent, the City of Tucker was livestreaming the City Council meetings.  However, after Governor Kemp withdrew the public COVID-19 emergency, the City of Tucker has decided to discontinue livestreaming City Council meetings.

The City's decision to end livestreaming City Council Meetings is a mistake.  Many surrounding and smaller cities have decided to make livestreaming their city council meetings permanent and we should too.  Livestreaming gives anyone with internet access and a smart phone, tablet or computer the opportunity to watch our City Council conduct our business.  Livestreaming provides transparency and convenient access to government.  

Their are many technological innovations that we have been widely adopted to conduct business because of the pandemic.  However, those that create efficiency, expand transparency and give more people access should not be tossed by the wayside when the pandemic ends. 

Committee to Elect Thomas Walker
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